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Brittany Celtic Nation

                Born in 1986 in the Parisian area my family is from the North-West of Brittany. Although I have never lived in Brittany I belong to two different cultural and ethnic worlds: France and the Celtic World through Brittany. Beyond the interest of both cultures the Latin one and the Celtic one this double identity has opened my mind to the other Celtic nations like Wales or Ireland where I'm currently working and as a consequence to all the English speaking countries.
  If we go further in this double heritage we could consider that I have one foot in Northern Europe and the other in the Southern one.
According to this, I spent most of my youth in the west of France and did my Studies in Paris, but then I worked in London, Paris and Cork in Ireland. So my career has followed my double identity, furthermore I'm now administrating various FP7 European Union funded research projects which include partners from all over Europe.
SPORTS PRACTICED Horse-ridding // Tennis // Football // Tae-Kwon do // Boxe // Krav Maga // Rugby INTERESTS Geostrategy & Geopolitics // History // Medias // Opera & Classical Music // Travels