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   European Project Manager Since 2010 - Specialised in Research Project Management H2020
    Currently Between jobs - Seeting up companies in France - Looking for a challenging position for 2017.
   SUMMARY - A senior project manager with a consequent experience of in-depth monitoring, controlling, reporting and project communications to provide a flexible, pragmatic and proactive project support service to programmes and projects. Combines excellent technical, problem-solving, interpersonal and communications skills to bring projects to successful completion on schedule. I am fluent in French and English and I have degrees in Russian, Chinese and Spanish. Background also includes marketing, Graphic Design and Web Development. Industry experience includes Telecommunications, Research, Academic institutions and Website Design and Management.
Current Statut : Single              Citizenship : French
   Date of Birth : March 1986           Mobility : International (Driving Licence - B)
  Project Manager       To: June 2016 (2 years 5)
  University Paris Diderot - Paris, France project manager  From: March 2014
EU Project Manager : FP7-ITN-EUROCSCTRAINING Project - 4 year-project - 13 Fellows - 9 Beneficiaries - 7 Associate partners - budget €3.2 million
   • Undertaking of the project in its last year.
   • Writing and delivering of various reports: Periodic report / Final report / Distribution report, Fellows’ Final reports.
   • Monitoring of Coordinator’s budgets.
   • Writing of Coordinator’s Financial report & reviewing of all partners’ financial reports (Form C).
   • Organization of Consortium Joint activities & Meetings.
   • Organization of a 4-Day Graduation Ceremony at Oxford University for 50 Guests.
   • Drafting and submission of an EU proposal for an ITN-ETN project as Coordinator - 11 Partners - budget €4 million
   • EUROCSCTRAININING (Euro Cancer Stem Cell Training) (9 partners) (budget: €3.2 million)
More about EuroCSCT My EuroCSCT Portfolio EuroCSCT Website
Programme Manager : IDEX-USPC «The Person in Medicine» Programme (SSH - Social Sciences & Humanities) - 4 year-project - 13 Partners - budget €800K
Drafting and submission of two LIFE Marie Curie EU proposals for ITN-ETN projects as Coordinator
  Project Manager       To: August 2013 (3 years)
  Tyndall National Institute - Cork, Ireland project manager  From: September 2010
EU Project Manager : Administration of Various FP7 Projects
   • Creation and Maintenance of projects' websites for both in-project information circulation and for dissemination of the
     information to the outside.
   • Development of efficient project management routes to ensure efficient cross-consortium communication device and
     personnel exchange in order to achieve the ambitious project targets.
   • Development of agreed protocols for efficient identification, protection and exploitation of Intellectual Property.
   • Timely and efficient dissemination of project results to the wider scientific community, industry and the public.
   • Timely delivery of technical and financial reports (Deliverables, Milestones, Quaterly reports).
   • Setting up and Management of a Quality Assurance Board.
   • Organization of Consortium meetings / Workshops / Audits / Reviews.
   • Organization of two Reviews: Mid-Term Review and Final Review.
   • Writing of reports: Mid-Term Report / Final Report / financial report and Plan of Use.
FP7 Projects: Three-year projects funded by the European Union in research (FP7 - Seventh Framework Programme).
   • SQWIRE (Silicon Quantum Wire transistors) (8 partners) (budget: €4.5 million)
More about SQWIRE My SQWIRE Portfolio SQWIRE Website
   • ECO-India (Wasterwater-treatment systems for India) (7 partners) (budget: €1.5 million)
More about ECO-India My ECO-India Portfolio ECO-India Website
   • SINAPS (Semiconductoring Nanowire platform) (5 partners) (budget: €2.5 million)
More about SINAPS SINAPS Website
   • ZEROPOWER (Coordinating Research Towards Zero-Power ICT) (4 partners) (budget: €550 k)
Ulis 2011 Conference (Ultimate Integration on Silicon) - 3-day Conference (14-15-16 March 2011)
Project Manager
Elaboration of Three Work-Breakdown Structures for the three project Processes:
Scientific Process, Registration Process, Organizational Process.
More about Ulis 2011 My Ulis 2011 Portfolio Ulis 2011 Website
Drafting and submission of two LIFE Marie Curie EU proposals for ITN-ETN projects as Coordinator
Web Designer and Graphic Designer for the Marketing Department at Tyndall
Marketing Assistant
Drafting and submission of two ICT & NMP Collaborative EU proposals projects as Coordinator
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1 Award for this position:
Tyndall National Institute - 2011
For my work between 2010 - 2011, I was awarded the grade of - Outstanding - by the Executive Management Team.
    • Delivered to 4 people out of 450 in Tyndall, this year.
    • Only non-researcher to be awarded this year at the institute.
    • Youngest to be awarded in the Institute’s history.
  Marketing Assistant       To: June 2010 (3 months)
  TASMAC London - School of Business - London, United-Kingdom project manager  From: April 2010
      INTERNSHIP / Student services / Marketing /
       // Webdesign // Graphic Design // Marketing // Communication // Management // Translation //
 Associate Project Manager       To: July 2009 (1 month)
 World Gold Council - Luxembourg, Luxembourg project manager  From: June 2009
       INTERNSHIP / Organization of the 2009 «Gold lunchtime Seminar» /
       Partners: Cercle Munster, AGEFI-Luxembourg, FDL&Associés, PUTSCH Communication
 Project Manager       To: June 2009 (6 months)
 PUTSCH Communication - Paris, France project manager  From: April 2009
       INTERNSHIP / 6-month internship in a communication agency /
       // Website Creation // New Technologies // Webdesign // Management // Translation //
Project Management
- Provided project related planning, risk analysis, quality assurance, change management, reporting and communications insuring projects remained on schedule and budget.
- Compressed schedules and processes as part of managing an emergency situation.
- Managed effort to develop procedures to monitor procurement & improve coordination between the consortium partners.
- Managed project resources, selecting resources with appropriate skill sets or insured proper mentoring of resources to eliminate or minimize project development issues and resource learning curves.
- Participated in resource planning using project performance metrics and notes to insure proper ranking and training for resources.
- Assured requirements are met by providing input to project plans, schedules and budgets from a technical perspective.
- Assured project requirements are met by reviewing and providing input to application design and solution architecture.
- Project Integration Management
- Human Resources Management
- Time Management
- Risk Management
- Communication Management
- Cost & Finance Management
- Quality Management
Various PM Areas
- Project Governance
- Recovering a project in Difficulty
- Business Process Mapping
- Supply Chain Management
- Strategic Project Management
- Driving organisational Change through
- Presentation skills
- PM / EnterprisePM Tools (MIS)
- Legal & EHS
- Management of globally dispersed &
   virtual teams
- Organisational Behaviours
- PMI, PMP Preparation Courses
 Diploma, DPM, Project Management  From: April 2011
 Cork Institute of Technology, Cork, Ireland project manager project manager       To: December 2011 (8 months)
       The diploma in Project Management is a combination of lectures, seminars, case studies, guest speakers, simulations and practical projects. Course delegates complete various assignments in the class, as project teams and individual assignments and exams. Module 1 & 2 cover the internationally recognised PMBOK© (Project Management Body of Knowledge) methodology for managing projects. Module 3 covers advanced aspects of project management.  More...
 Master's degree MM, Management  From: September 2009
 Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II), Paris, France project manager project manager       To: June 2010 (1 year)
       Management tools, Strategy, Project Management, Communication, English, Website Creation, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, International trade, business, 6-month Internship  More...
 Bachelor's degree BMs, Management Studies  From: September 2008
 Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II), Paris, France project manager project manager       To: June 2009 (1 year)
       Management, Computing, Communication, English, Website Creation, Marketing, HR, Graphic Design, 6-month Internship.  More...
 DEUG-LEA, Languages (Chinese-English) - Business  From: September 2006
 Sorbonne University, Paris, France project manager project manager       To: June 2008 (2 years)
       Two-year degree - Language courses for special purposes: Business and international trade.  More...
 Seconde and first level degrees, Russian Language  From: September 2008
 Institut "Communication Russe", Paris, France project manager project manager       To: June 2010 (2 years)
       2010 - Level 2 (120 hours)      -      2009 - Level 1 ( 60 hours)  More...
 Baccalaureat in Literature  Year: June 2005
 Bernard Palissy High School, Saintes, France project manager
       French School leaving certificate - Literature trade - Option Third Language: Chinese  More...
          - Full Professional proficiency           TOEIC I&II - October 2013
Speaking : 100%
Writing : 85%
Listening : 93%
Reading : 91%

          - Native
          - Limited Working proficiency
          - Limited Working proficiency
  Chinese (Simplified Mandarin)
          - Elementary proficiency
  Microsoft Office
      MS Outlook
         - Full professional proficiency
      MS Word
         - Full professional proficiency
      MS Excel
         - Full professional proficiency
       MS Power Point
         - Full professional proficiency
      MS Project
         - Limited working proficiency
Graphic Design - Adobe CS3
  Photoshop - Webdesign
     - Full professional proficiency
  Illustrator - Vector graphics
     - Limited working proficiency
  InDesign - PDF Design
     - Full professional proficiency
Web Design:
     - Full professional proficiency
  Filezilla ( FTP software)
     - Full professional proficiency
- Programming Level 1: HTML, CSS
     - Full professional proficiency
- Programming Level 2: JavaScript
     - Limited working proficiency
- Programming Level 3: PHP/MySQL
     - Elementary proficiency
Social Networks / Microblogging:
  Facebook  Social Network
     - Good Knowledge
  Google +  Social Network
     - Good Knowledge
  Twitter  Social Network
     - Good Knowledge
  Tumblr  Microblogging platform
     - Good Knowledge
Professional Networks:
  Linkedin  Business Network
     - Perfect Knowledge
  Viadeo  Business Network
     - Perfect Knowledge
  Behance  Creative Network
     - Perfect Knowledge
Video Sharing platforms:
     - Very Good Knowledge
     - Very Good Knowledge
     - Good Knowledge
2008- DEUG-LEA English / Chinese
- Distinction:  Honors
2009- Bachelor's Degree - BMs
- Distinction:  Honors
2010- Master's Degree - MM
- Distinction:  High Honors
2011- Project Manager - Tyndall
- Évaluation:  Outstanding
   For my work between 2010 - 2011, I was awarded the grade of ‘Outstanding’ by the Executive Management Team.
2012- European Commission
- Mid-Term Review of the SQWIRE project by the EC Project officer:  
   "The Project planning seems well sound with a Project Management Team that consists of a Project Coordinator/Office, a Quality Assurance Board, a S&TMC and an Exploitation Manager. Project Meetings had place every 6 months. Communication and Information Management seems correctly established. The Project management seems to correctly apply corrective measures with the main issues identified across the Project."
PMI - Project Management Institute - Member since 2011- Chapter of Ireland
I use specific processes and techniques based on PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).
   As a PMI member I uphold the PMI code of Ethics and Professional conduct.