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  ECO-India - Wasterwater-treatment systems for deployment in India


  FP7-ENV - EU-India cooperation in water technology

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  Project Manager


  36 Months

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  ECO-India Website


  € 1.5 million


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Project Objectives       The overall aim of ECO-India is to design and develop innovative cost-effective solutions for community- based water- and wastewater- treatment systems. These systems will be deployed at pilot sites in arsenic-affected water-stressed regions in India. The two consortia, Indian (DST) and European (FP7), will establish pilot schemes for:
• Catchment area and reservoir management. // • Surface water supply schemes. // • Arsenic removal (including monitoring using UFZ’s field-tested Arsolux arsenic sensor). // • Disinfection treatment for potable water based on Trustwater’s CE-certified mixed-oxidant generation systems. // • Online monitoring of water quality. // • Water distribution network, together with online/offline water quality monitoring programmes. // • Sewerage and wastewater treatment. In addition, prototype energy-efficient modules for water deionisation and heavy metal removal will be developed. A feasibility study will be performed to assess the potential for energy harvesting from sludge.
Denmark Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Germany Adelphi Research
Germany Helmholtz-Zentrum fuer Umweltforschung GmbH
England Dryden Aqua Ltd.
Israel AGM Communication & Control Ltd.
Ireland Trustwater Ltd.
Ireland project manager Tyndall National Institute - UCC University College Cork
My Responsibilities • Creation and Maintenance of the website for both in-project information circulation and for dissemination of the information to the outside.
• Realisation of Graphic Banners and a two-page flyer including a description, highlights and perspectives of the project.
Work-Package 6 Manager :
• Development of efficient project management routes to ensure efficient cross-consortium communication, device- and personnel exchange in order to achieve the ambitious project targets.
• Development of agreed protocols for efficient identification, protection and exploitation of Intellectual Property.
• Timely and efficient dissemination of project results to the wider scientific community, industry and the public.
• Timely delivery of technical and financial reports.
• Organization of: 7 Consortium meetings / An IP & Dissemination workshop / An IP Audit / Two Reviews: Mid-Term Review & Final Review.